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Special Notice  -  Fluoroscopy Imaging.  The MLA is delighted to see new and upcoming research into Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) with the use of video fluoroscopy imaging.  As a network of Casley-Smith MLD teachers we have been encouraged by this new imaging evidence and have welcomed the opportunity to explore the Casley-Smith method using the Fluoptic Fluorescence Imaging System.  We know that MLD treatment improves lymphoedema and patients report positive outcomes.  In December 2015 the MLA will undertake its annual peer review with all Casley-Smith Lymphoedema teachers and plans to discuss the current evidence gained and will disseminate any changes to the Casley-Smith routine in future update courses.  This is a very exciting time in lymphoedema care and we are delighted to be part of acquiring new evidence from video fluoroscopy.

We are a Community of Practice supported by the charity Macmillan Cancer Support, in return for which we contribute our expertise from all 4 nations of the UK to the development of their materials and have trained hundreds of health care professionals in the management of lymphoedema.  
For excellent general information about self-management of lymphoedema or to find out more about the condition please explore the information and videos available on the Macmillan website. 

For health professionals looking for training in lymphoedema management we hope you will find this website useful to find out about us and the courses that we run. 
Find the latest information on courses and updates in our courses section. We pride ourselves in the highest standards of teaching whether you attend the accredited courses at the universities listed or the unaccredited courses in various venues around the United Kingdom. Attending an unaccredited course means you would still be listed as a Casley-Smith MLD practitioner but it would not involve academic work leading to higher education points e.g. towards a degree or masters. 
You can find out how the MLA came about in our history section, find out about the individuals involved in the about us section and the gallery.


MLA is part of the Casley-Smith International group of educator/clinicians aiming to improve the standard of lymphoedema care internationally

On-line module for Medics and other Health Professionals
- a collaboration between BMJ Learning and the Lymphoedema Support Network - a free learning module worth 1 hour of credit Learning module for doctors

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